Hello and thank you for checking out my site.  My name is Bill Beck and I am making it my personal quest to provide quality hospitality entertainment throughout Southwest Florida.  Hospitality entertainment means that there is probably a happy hour, a great seafood special, some awesome chicken wings, and a rack of condiments within a few feet of where I'm playing.  First and foremost I am a music fan, I have been since I could remember.  Like a kid in a candy store I have so many songs to choose from and I can satisfy just about any request.

I am from Pittsburgh Pa, the greatest city on the planet and I started playing music in church, always a captive audience!  I was in my first band in high school in 1976 called"The Joe Zook Band", we played a concert at our school, had some pyrotechnics, and got in trouble with a couple of nuns.  My friend John Ricketts and I had a duo in 1977 called "Wheatstone Bridge" and our first professional gig netted us $7.43, a half of a marijuana cigarette, and 2 diazepam tablets, but it was never about the money, it was always about the music.  I went on to play with a band called "Riverside" in 1978, covering what we called the "Stuffed Cabbage Circuit" of Western Pennsylvania.  I've performed in just about every Fire Department hall, Fraternal Organization and Bingo Parlor around the towns and boroughs. During that time I also played in a rock band called "The Khakis" (named after a popular trouser style we grew up with) and played some very interesting clubs during the punk and new wave rock era.  

I moved to Southwest Florida in 1982, played briefly with some great musicians, but real life was calling and  so  I worked a "job" job and raised a family.  Eventually, I got back into my passion of music in 1996 and played in the  bands "Skeptic Nephew" , "Six Weeks of Ashley" and Öptical Inch" before eventually performing as a solo act full time in 2009, which brings us to today. I am truly blessed to have played with and learned from many brilliant musicians over the years.  I now provide what I like to call "Acousticlectic" music, where anything goes, Abba to Zappa, if you will.